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Water Wars: Agriculture vs Hydropower; India vs Pakistan

By editor

If you question Pakistan's belligerence against India, look at how India is treating their joint water sources. It's a story that's repeating around the world. Read More...

LA’s Water Use Drops to 1979 Levels

By editor

A couple of recent articles poo-poohed the possibility that combined individual actions can make a difference in slowing climate change. But if Los Angeles experience with water regulation and compliance is any indication, don't count public action out. Read More...

Water: The Yemenis, Now; the American Southwest, Later?

By editor

Is the Yemeni unwillingness to give up their drug, qat, and our unwillingness to give up the American Way of Waste mean that we'll end up with waterless towns and cities? We will learn, soon enough. Read More...

Environmental April Foolers

By editor

This item in the Huffington Post looks at groups and corporations trying to co-opt political and environmental issues. We're just posting the environmental items, like Dow Chemical claiming it's for clean water and the American Chemical Council for chemical safety. Read More...

A Classic Water War Over Public & Industrial Rights

By editor

The way this classic legal battle turns out -- between seven hydroelectric plants and a regional water authority -- over who owns the water in North Carolina's Deep River, will affect the state's water laws for generations. Read More...

Running Toward Empty: America’s Dwindling Water Supply

By editor

CBS News tells us like it is: either we stop wasting water or we'll be doing without it. The Southwest seems to have learned its lesson -- but perhaps too late. Read More...

Bottled Water: Public Nemesis

By editor

Back in 1999 -- before we were aware that plastic bottles leached BPA's -- the NRDC's 4-year study made clear that bottled water was a bad choice for both our health and the environment. Here is a reprise of the Exceutive Summary with the bad news. Read More...


Water: Our Most Precious Resource: by Marc Devilliers. This highly readable report on the looming global water crisis is amazingly informative on water issues around the world from China to Texas.