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Farm Runoff? Sewage? These Bacteria Eat It Up.

By editor

Bacteria in breweries' wastewater can be used to transform the ammonium in farm runoff into harmless nitrogen gas. Considering that farm runoff is increasingly found to be our major water polluter, this low-energy system, still in early trials, offers big hopes. Read More...

A New Approach to Water Allocation: "Virtual Water"

By editor

Allocating water between drier Botswana and water-rich areas of South Africa is leading to a new concept of water allocation: "virtual water." Is this just a convenient fiction or a useful construct? Read More...

When Readers’ Comments are Wiser Than the Writer’s Column

By editor

This article wonders why Oklahoma doesn't want to sell its water to Texas. Read the comments that follow the article, and see readers who know enough about the environment to say exactly why there's no "mystery;" just good environmental sense. Read More...

Demapping a Highway; Restoring a Neighborhood

By editor

Demapping and dismantling the little used mile-and-a-quarter-long Sheridan Expressway in the Bronx would restore a neighborhood and create 13 open acres along the East River. Read More...

Restoring a Montana Spring Creek

By editor

This Op Ed piece in the New York Times describes a wonderful example of how restored natural water systems cab give back so much more than it takes to recreate them. Read More...

Water to Burn in the Desert

By editor

Fountains, golf links, green lawns and man-made snow is what the members of the United Arab Emirates are squandering their oil money on, leaving these small desert nations vulnerable to water problems. Read More...

Farm Runoff Brings Toxic Algae to Once-Pristine Ohio Lake

By editor

What's more disturbing than the poisonous algae in Grand Lake St Marys is the apparent helplessness of the people who live and work on the lake to do anything about the farm runoff that causes it. Read More...


Water: Our Most Precious Resource: by Marc Devilliers. This highly readable report on the looming global water crisis is amazingly informative on water issues around the world from China to Texas.