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Two Big New Year’s Resolutions: Ten Ways to Accomplish Them

By editor

Forget all those resolutions you’re going to forget about anyway and make two resolutions that could at least change the U S of A, if not the world. I. Stop Wasting Energy.We Americans are among the top nine countries (of 130) in the world, keeping company with oil-rich wastrels like Bahrain and the United... Read More...

40% Less Electricity? An NYC Energy Story

By editor

by Ingrid Wiegand Throwing away stuff from earlier years after doing this year’s taxes, I came across a bunch of ConEd bills from 2003. Just for the hell of it, I decided to check the “Average Daily Electric Use” graph that ConEd provides every month, and compare it with my current use. Wow! Was... Read More...

Print vs Digital: Which is Greener?

By editor

This interview with Don Carli of the Institute of Sustainable Communication brings interesting considerations into the argument between the world of print and the digital universe. Read More...

One Diet Coke & the Environment: How Bad Can It Be?

By editor

Just one Coke. How bad can it be? Well, aside from the fact that just one Coke, multiplied by millions of cans, is a lot of water, a lot of metal, a lot of shipping, a lot of fuel, the people that drink them are exposed to an amazing amount of toxic stuff. Coke... Read More...

Finally Getting the Message: Airline & Airport Recycling

By editor

An update on the failure of airlines and airports to recycle anything but a fraction of the 7.5 million pounds they generate daily. They seem to be getting the message -- but slowly. Read More...

More Than A Drop in the Bucket

By editor

This article in "Urban Re:Vision" is a good short survey of the way several cities have reduced water use and increased stormwater capture, including San Francisco's greenstreets and Las Vegas cash-for-grass program. Read More...

Urban Lumber: Recycling Felled City Trees

By editor

Trees felled by developers and storms are a little-known source of recycled lumber, which may include rare hardwoods. This story focuses on a California lumber company, but there are others likr him all over the U.S. Read More...


Water: Our Most Precious Resource: by Marc Devilliers. This highly readable report on the looming global water crisis is amazingly informative on water issues around the world from China to Texas.