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Drycleaning At Your Own Risk?

By editor

A year ago, Stephen Swift, a local Honolulu businessman ostensibly engaged in hazardous waste disposal, found himself jailed for two years for failing to dispose of quantities of perchloroethylene, commonly called Perc,. Instead of taking it to the local hazardous waste disposal site where it would have been safely disposed of for a fee,... Read More...

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning Arrives

By editor

No more toxic perc is used to clean clothes in these new, ecologically friendly dry cleaners in Oregon. Time to as your local drycleaner to do the same. Read More...

People and Beluga Whales: We’re Both In Contaminated Waters

By editor

"Belugas living in the St. Lawrence Seaway developed the same cancers found among workers in the aluminum smelter that was contaminating the seaway." An interview with Sandra Steingraber, a biology professor and cancer survivor, talks about connecting our diseases and environmental chemicals. Read More...

Slow Phaseout of Toxic Dry Cleaning Chemical

By editor

While clearly stating that the Federal Government considers the cleaning fluid, perchloroethylene, a hazardous substance, Illinois lawmakers pat themselves on the back for allowing the chemical to be used for another 15 years. It's pitting the economics of a few businesses against the welfare of millions of people, and the people lose. Read More...


Water: Our Most Precious Resource: by Marc Devilliers. This highly readable report on the looming global water crisis is amazingly informative on water issues around the world from China to Texas.