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We Could Do It: 77% Renewables World-Wide by 2050

By editor

Against all the "it can't be done" people, the UN has provided an authoritative timeline for the world to get its act together climate-wise by 2050. Read More...

Wild Birds & Farmed Fish — a Sustainable Combination

By editor

Veta La Palma in Spain is a fish farm where the fish live in freshened sea water and birds eat (some of) the fish. Read how a commercial outfit recreated a wildlife habitat and is profitably growing better and healthier fish because of it. Read More...

Big Fuel Cell Takes 500-Unit New Haven Condo Off the Grid

By editor

Bruce Decker, the developer of a 360 State Street in New Haven, has provided it with a 400KW fuel cell that will light and heat the building, as well as provide hot water and warm the swimming pool, taking it off the grid. It's the first fuel cell for a large US residential building. Read More...

Mysterious Water Vapor Drop in Stratosphere Slows Global Warming

By editor

Scientific American's short article on the recent drop in water vapor in the stratosphere mainly tells us how little we really know about global warming, even as vast glaciers melt and the oceans warm and rise. Read More...

Benchmarking: Finding What Buildings Really Use

By editor

Benchmarking, the practice of measuring what is to find out how it measures up, is the first step in making buildings more energy efficient. Once we know what how much electricity, water and fuel a building uses, we can see how it measures up to other buildings and find out what needs to be... Read More...

Environmental April Foolers

By editor

This item in the Huffington Post looks at groups and corporations trying to co-opt political and environmental issues. We're just posting the environmental items, like Dow Chemical claiming it's for clean water and the American Chemical Council for chemical safety. Read More...


Water: Our Most Precious Resource: by Marc Devilliers. This highly readable report on the looming global water crisis is amazingly informative on water issues around the world from China to Texas.