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Everything that Burning Coal Leaves Behind

By editor

This short article by an environmental toxicologist from Alaska spells out just what the environmental and health costs of burning coal add up to. Read More...

Why is the EPA Sitting on Its Ash?

By editor

Even as huge piles and vast ponds of accumulated coal ash dot the landscape, the EPA has been slow to designate coal ash as hazardous material, and the administration isn't helping. Read More...

Coal Plant Defeat in Eastern Kentucky Shows Us How

By editor

Sometimes you win. But in Kentucky, it wasn’t just because the people who live in the area served by the East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) got lucky. They earned their good fortune the hard way: they worked for it. They worked together with each other and several powerful environmental organizations like the Sierra Club... Read More...

Child Autism Epidemic Firmly Linked to Environment

By editor

Okay, now we know that all that household stuff we've been using and breathing for the last 50 years is damaging our children. Sure, some of the problem is toxic chemicals outside the home, but there's a witches' brew under the kitchen sink we CAN control. Yet how many of us will stop using... Read More...

How Toxic Chemicals are Damaging Our Children’s Minds

By editor

This is the Executive Summary for "Mind, Disrupted," a detailed and well-supported report on the mental effects of our national exposure to toxic chemicals, with a link to the full report. Read More...

Our Personal Environment I: We Are What We Eat

By editor

As Dr. Molly Gray told Congress in February 2010, she was shocked to learn the extent of the toxic chemical burden she had accumulated, even though she was a careful consumer, eating primarily organic foods and using household products that were tagged as chemically safe. But like most of us over the last 50... Read More...


Water: Our Most Precious Resource: by Marc Devilliers. This highly readable report on the looming global water crisis is amazingly informative on water issues around the world from China to Texas.