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Hydropower Presents a Host of Tough Choices

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There’s a lot of agreement that the world has to move more quickly toward renewable energy sources, but there’s an equal amount of controversy about each one – solar (too expensive), wind (too intrusive), geothermal (too expensive), biofuels (damaging food production) and ocean energy (not ready for prime time). But hydropower – the energy... Read More...

We Could Do It: 77% Renewables World-Wide by 2050

By editor

Against all the "it can't be done" people, the UN has provided an authoritative timeline for the world to get its act together climate-wise by 2050. Read More...

Harnessing the Oceans’ Thermal Energy

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Here's another form of renewable energy for warm climates: using the difference between the ocean's surface temperature and the near-freezing temperature of its deeps to generate electricity. All it takes is a 20C/36F-degree difference. Read More...

How Green Can You Get? Check Out ZeroHouse

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This is not the first time you've seen a new net-zero house design, but this one is pre-fab. Although it's on the small side at 650 sq ft, its combination of good design, sustainability and potentially low price when produced in any quantity,may set a new home-building standard. Read More...

Green Building Innovations, 2009

By editor

Solar shingles and solar-in-a-box as well as green walls and mini turbines graced the list of an environmental builder's options. The Jetson Green site offers some details. Read More...


Water: Our Most Precious Resource: by Marc Devilliers. This highly readable report on the looming global water crisis is amazingly informative on water issues around the world from China to Texas.