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Obama vs Obama on the Environment: It’s a Draw!

By editor

The Obama administration has made some notable moves on improving the environment, but it has also made some serious concessions to industrial and political opponents who claim that environmental regulations are costing jobs. So the best that can be said about the Obama’s pros and cons on the environment is: it’s a draw! Some... Read More...

Reclaimed Water: Possibilities and Some Problems

By editor

Landscape irrigation, which could be done by recycled water, comprises 1/3 of the water we use. The problem is that recycled water is not regulated, and may contain chemicals that should not go into the ground and seep into aquifers. This article tells all on this important subject. Read More...

Texas Taking the Lead in Encouraging Electric Vehicles

By editor

Not just the green town of Austin, but many urban areas of Texas, are making bets on the electric vehicle as the car of their future by subsidizing not only the cars, but the charging stations. Read More...

Philadelphia Tackles Stormwater Producers with Fees

By editor

Stormwater runoff is a primary cause of water pollution in urban areas, as rain rushes off impervious roofs and parking lots. Philadelphia has the guts to make major stormwater producers pay more; those who build porous ground and roof covers pay less. Of course, it's controversial. Read More...

Gulf Dead Zone Created by Ethanol Production Upstream

By editor

The northern Gulf boasts the second biggest "dead zone" in the world, where the nitrite runoff from giant midwest corn and soybean farms travels down the Mississippi and generates huge algal blooms that use all the oxygen in the water and kill other aquatic life. Read More...

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning Arrives

By editor

No more toxic perc is used to clean clothes in these new, ecologically friendly dry cleaners in Oregon. Time to as your local drycleaner to do the same. Read More...

Lack of Waste Water Treatment Facilities Holds Up NY’s Plunge into Hydrofracturing

By editor

The lack of facilities that can process millions of gallons of tainted water has given the watershed of New York City a reprieve. Gas companies were set to drill en masse into the deep Marcellus Shale under southern New York State using hydro-fracturing, which involves millions of gallons per well, putting in danger the... Read More...


Water: Our Most Precious Resource: by Marc Devilliers. This highly readable report on the looming global water crisis is amazingly informative on water issues around the world from China to Texas.