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The Not-So-Great American Hamburger’s Secret Ingredient

By editor

Trimmings from the outside of beef carcasses, ground and treated with ammonia, are a staple ingredient of American school and fast-food hamburgers. Read More...

Bottled Water: Public Nemesis

By editor

Back in 1999 -- before we were aware that plastic bottles leached BPA's -- the NRDC's 4-year study made clear that bottled water was a bad choice for both our health and the environment. Here is a reprise of the Exceutive Summary with the bad news. Read More...

Not Pretty Enough: Why We Throw Away Half Our Food

By editor

We throw out 50 per cent of the food we produce, mostly because it isn't 'pretty' enough. In a hungry world, why do we do this? Read More...


Water: Our Most Precious Resource: by Marc Devilliers. This highly readable report on the looming global water crisis is amazingly informative on water issues around the world from China to Texas.